Transparent Notes

I wrote a little something a while ago when I read Shige’s interview that was kindly translated by spilledmilk25 on livejournal.
This fic includes 6nin NEWS and is all about Shige time during that era and current.
^^ huge thank you to cherribells for reading it for me and encouraging me to gain confidence with my writing and to help me learn how to post on Live Journal.
*please note I’ve never shared my writing public before so please excuse my mistakes!

Title: Transparent Notes
Author: Tegoxshi
Pairing: None. Kato Shigeaki's life.
Rating: PG
Genre: Friendship,Drama [ sorry If i have these wrong ]

"Everybody had their own character, they were extremely charming. Tegoshi had little experience and couldn’t really dance but he sang greatly. Everybody had their own colour."

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